This may not actually be a problem.  If you are expecting that users may
enter links as html you can still use nl2br and get a decent result.  The
only time this would be a problem, would be if the users actually entered
<BR> as they filled in the form.  In my experience, it is highly unlikely
that a user will write their own <BR> as they fill in a form, even if they
do enter other html such as links.


Richard S. Crawford <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
My database contains a field which may or may not contain HTML code,
depending on what a particular user enters when they enter the data.

Here's the challenge:

If there is HTML code in this field, then print the text with interpreted
HTML.  No problem at all.

If there is no HTML code in the field, then I still want the data printed
nice and neat; the users will probably use line returns to make their text
look somewhat decent.

So, assuming that $text contains the contents of this field, then what I
want to do is this:

         if (!HTMLin$text) then $text = nl2br($text);

What's the best way to check and see if HTML is present in the field?

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