Steve Werby wrote:

> Exactly.  It sounds like you're doing INSERTs so unless you're doing an
> UPDATE or SELECT that can give unexpected results if another instance of the
> script is running at the same time or you have other scripts accessing the
> same files/tables that may run at the same time you're ok.

    Well now, I didn't say I was only doing INSERTs.  After parsing the email, I
need to do a quick select in the DB to see if the customer (placing the order)
already exists in our DB, and if they don't, just plain INSERT.  Otherwise, I
need to do some more work, which will require an UPDATE on that same record.

    I'm probably going to break the DB into separate tables (one containing the
customer info, with a matching ID in another table which contains the customer

    (I know, this gets complicated by the minute. ;) )

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