$required = array($name, $address, $phone);
foreach($required as $value)
{       if (!$value) echo("You left one empty.");

well that's how I'd do exactly that, although if you know the variables then
why not just...

if (!$name || !$address || !$phone) echo("You left one empty");

that's quicker, unless you need the values in a hash list for some other


        Sent:  20 November 2001 22:10
        To:  [EMAIL PROTECTED]
        Subject:  How do I convert from perl to php?

        I am a perl user trying to convert to php

        how would i turn this perl into php?

        use CGI;

        $name = param(name);
        $address = param(address);
        $phone = param(phone);

        @required = qw( name address phone );

        foreach $key($required)
         if (!$$key) { &out("You left one empty."); }


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