Alberto Mucignat wrote:

> hi all
> i've tried to redirect error logging in a different file than the web
> server error file. in php.ini file:
> error_log=/var/log/httpd/php_error_log
> but it doesn't work correctly: it doesn't create/write the file
> php_error_log

You will need to create the file and chown/chgrp/chmod it in such a way 
that the PHP user, which is the Apache User setting in httpd.conf can 
*write* to that file.

PHP can't just go writing any damn file it wants -- It runs as a specific 
user with very limited file-writing priveleges for security reasons.

> while if in the php.ini file i put:
> error_log = syslog
> it works corretly writing errors on /var/log/messages...
> i use Linux Suse 7.2 with apache 1.3.22 and PHP Version 4.0.6
> some suggestions?
> bye, alberto.

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