In my project I have basic HTML pages with PHP/MySQL driven content. 
In a subdirectory I have pages that allow users to change the content 
of the pages and other administrative functions.  This subdirectory 
is protected with Apache mod_auth.

What I would like to do is allow authorized users to see an "Edit" 
button on each page in the main directory, which would allow them to 
update a page right from the page itself - rather than going into the 
admin subdirectory to do it.

I can drive the display of an "Edit" link from the REMOTE_USER 
environmental variable, but how can I allow the authorized users to 
log in, while STILL allowing unfettered access by the public?  If 
they log in under the subdirectory that log in name doesn't carry 
back up to the top directory (I tried), even if I name the realm the 
same using the AuthName directive in .htaccess .

I found some basic information in the book "Professional PHP 
Programming", but could someone point me to another resource that 
might give a bit more detail?


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