I have a strange problem.  I have a page that displays a list of records.  
When the user clicks on the delete link by one of the records, a php script 
is taking care to delete that specific record and then redirects back to 
the record list.

I use PEAR::DB with MySQL.

When I use header("Location: ...") to redirect the user back to the record 
list page, many times the screen still displays the old list and I have to 
refresh the page so see that the record was deleted.  At first I thought 
that the page is redisplayed from the cache so I added the appropriate meta 
tags to make sure that the page will not be cached by the browser.  Since 
sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't, I started suspecting the the 
problem may be with the fact that the database (mysql) may have not removed 
the record yet by the time the record list is redisplayed.  I decided to 
try to use the http-equiv="refresh" meta tag with a delay of 1 second, and 
suddenly the problem has disappeared.  I also worked by setting the delay 
to 0.

Does the above suspicion I have even make sense?  Why would mysql not 
complete the delete when the delete is executed? 

Avi Schwartz

"I have to share the credit. I invented it, but Bill made it
famous." - IBM engineer Dave Bradley describing the
control-alt-delete reboot sequence

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