What version of admin are you using?  I run version 2.2.0 and have never had
such a problem.  Without looking at the code I can say that it appears that
myadmin estimates the size of the file before uploading it and then
something happens to prevent the upload from occuring.  It may well be that
some odd character sequence is causing the error as you suggest, or it may
be some sort of socket error.  I would suggest some steps to narrow the
problem down.

First, make sure that your file is actually formatted the way that you are
telling myadmin it is formatted.  Check the delimiting character, the field
terminators, the escape character and the line terminator.  It is possible
that one of these settings is causing myadmin to think EOF is reached when
it is not.

Try using different formats, file sizes and upload paths to determine if the
error is triggered by a certain combination of factors.


Stephen Phillips <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
lol, ok (sorry I've been staring at a text file looking for bugs for 3

this is the type of error msg phpmyadmin is giving me;

Warning: Only 0 bytes were written, expected to write 32516 in - on line 82

sometimes it says line 74, or 130 as well

I was kinda hoping someone might know of some common things which might trip
up mysql or php in a string, since this is my best guess as to the reason
for the error.


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