I'm building a reusable component object system in PHP where construction
of object trees, which needs to occur on every page, is very expensive. 

Running the subsequently built objects is very inexpensive. 

To make this system viable to use on high volume websites, I want to keep
these objects tree instances around for the life-time of the server 
instance just like persistent resources are implemented. (i.e. have these
objects been long-lived. Not saved and reloaded on a page by page basis.)

Has anything like this been built for PHP? 

If not, could anyone provide pointers where I could start taking a look at
PHP internals to develop such a beast?

On a related question, is there a way to pre-load class definitions when
the server starts so that class definition files don't have to be
re-parsed on a page by page basis?


-- Yermo
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