Gabriel Richards wrote:

> I installed PHP/Apache/MySQL via the Red Hat installation process (7.2),
> but Apache isn't processing PHP files, they show up as plain text in the
> browser. I checked with the FAQ and related documentation which said to
> ensure that the AddModule and LoadModule directives where there and not
> commented out. They are there, although they are within <IfDefine
> HAVE_PHP> tags. When I followed the path the modules are supposed to be in
> (modules/ for example), I discovered there were no php modules
> in /etc/httpd/modules, nor any other place on my system (after a find...).
Try "rpm -qa |grep php" in the commandline.
You should see at least php there, but you probably want to find php-mysql, 
php-pgsql etc also. 

If you get no output, the php is not installed. Insert the cd, goto the 
RPMS directory and do "rpm -Uvh php*" and restart apache.


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