I've made a PHP Chatroom and i need help developing
the logic behind the "Private Chat" feature.
I'll first explain briefly how my chat works. 
It's a very very simple Chat using just DB and nothing

User enters.. his name,date goes into Chat.
QueryString passes his name to main area from where he
can post messages with the name as the main link
between his messages & database. 
You can view it at 

Please choose "PHP Chat" from above link.

Anyway, now i need to develop a system where one can
private chat with a user. So that by selecting the
User's name, when the person sends a message.. it is
displayed only on the Selected User's chat.. and not
anyone else.. or perhaps some other way. 

Can anyone help?
Ask me any question if you wish to clarify further how
my chat works!!

Cheers & Glory,
T. Edison jr.

Rahul S. Johari (Director)
Abraxas Technologies Inc.
Homepage : http://www.abraxastech.com
Tel : 91-4546512/4522124

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