Calm down grasshopper, everything will be okay :)  Is there a way you can
modify 'start' and 'end' times as more 'standard' time strings?  In
otherwords, how exactly are they created?  I ask because it would be nice
to get strtotime() to work here.  Or optimally, steps #1-2 would already
involve unix timestamps.  A hack can be created but let's try to avoid
that :)

Philip Olson

On Sat, 24 Nov 2001, neeraj wrote:

> Hi List,
> !! Please help !!
> My problem,
> 1) My Start time for a xyz file is 11.15 am 14-11-2001
> 2) My End Time for xyz file is 01.20 pm  14-11-2001
> 3) Total number of hours on the file is 02.05 Hours.
> 1) Question is how do i calculate the difference in Hours as the result is in point 
>number 3 ?
> Please help me Urgent
> !!! Thanks in advance !!!
> Warm Regards
> Neeraj Rattu

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