Hey folks,

        I am working on a database-driven site, and
have run into a problem.  It's not a problem with any
existing code, more of a "how the heck do I do this"
sort of thing.

        I have a table, that is generated from a database

| unique_id | some_text | some_more_text | edit button |

        The unique_id is an integer, and the user can
NOT be allowed to modify it.  However, I need to pass
that value to the php script that's the ACTION for
the "edit button".

        register_globals is not allowed, so somehow I
need to get the value of unique_id into the HTTP_POST_VARS
array.  I tried:

$HTTP_POST_VARS['unique_id'] = id;

        but it was ignored.  I know I can make the unique_id
a TEXT input area, but then it can be modified.  I did some
searching around for more information about what can and can
not be done with HTTP_POST_VARS, but I didn't find anything
helpful (I could have been looking in the wrong place, too).

        Anyone have some Wise Tips(tm) for me?  Any help
would be greatly appreciated.  :)


"The onions are irritating my buttocks."   - Sluggy Freelance

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