I have a machine which is running Php4 on Apache 1.3
And I want to make a hosting site that the users
can register themselves online. They will have a home
directory and so they will be able to put their web files
(html, php, images etc.) under there. 

I want to keep their information on Mysql. That is,
if possible I don't want to create real system accounts.
I'll do all this work (create user, its home etc) with PHP.
There is no problem at this point.

The problem is... using PHP, they can open any file 
that is readable to nobody account (Apache user).. 
So it can read and even edit other users' files..

Consquently, the users should be able to access only and only their home

How can I do this?

Thanks in advance..

Ali Pakkan
Gsm: +90542 3268742

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