Hi everybody,
I sent this to the php.windows-group but got no answer, so I'll try again 
here :-)

Since I'm not used to working under Windows-OSes (never really knew why, 
now I do..) it took me a while to get moving. I put together a small 
project but now I'm really stuck. Not even reading the entire internet 
(well most of it anyway) did help. So maybe someone can give this a short 

I need to transfer a file via net to some remote server.
I need to encrypt, since I could not find a way to use something like sftp 
under WinNT / php I tried pscp (PuTTY Packet). Now this works fine when 
started manually, even when embedde in a php-script it works when I execute 
this script directly, however it does NOT work when I call the script via 
cgi-bin from Apache. I tried all those strange things with prepending 
something like "command /c" etc, nothing worked. In fact the pscp 
executable IS called it just vanishes in nirvana. No error, no output, no 

In Compact:
- WinNT & Apache 1.3.something & php4.06 as cgi-exe
- Dir-Structure:
- a short php-script:
# blabla... :-)

echo "<html><head><title>scp test</title></head>\n";
echo "<body>\n";



$connect_string=sprintf("%s -v -pw %s %s %s@%s:%s", $pscp, $pass,
                        sprintf("%s/%s", $source_path, $source_file),
                        $user, $host,
                        sprintf("%s/%s", $target_path, $target_file) );

echo    'exec($connect_string, $ret_arr, $ret_var);  <br>'."\n";
echo    "exec($connect_string, $ret_arr, $ret_var);  <br>"."\n";
$res_var=exec($connect_string, $ret_arr, $ret_var);

echo "results --<br>\n";
echo "res_var: ".$res_var."<br>\n";
echo "ret_var: ".$ret_var."<br>\n";
echo "ret_arr: ".$ret_arr."<br>\n";
foreach ($ret_arr as $value)
  echo "> ".$value."<br>\n";

echo "</body>\n";
echo "</html>\n";
OK, it does not matter if I use exec, system, passthru or whatever, the 
effect is the same: pscp is called, works for some seconds, the server is 
not contacted (checked logs), the browser stops ("loaded") with the result:
exec($connect_string, $ret_arr, $ret_var); 
exec(C:/somepath/Tools/Putty/pscp -v -pw some_pass \ 
C:/somepath/Tools/PuTTY/sourcefile \ 
some_user@some_host:Deliver/targetfile, Array, ); 
results --
ret_var: 0
ret_arr: Array
So far so good (depends actually).
Now, there are two strange things:
a) when executing another command (I tried 'tar xvzf somefile.tgz', yes, 
under WinNT) - no problem. takes a few seconds, returns a list of all 
extracted files in $ret_arr. Same with things like "dir" etc.
b) when calling scp.php directly it does work: 
C:> somepath\PHP\php C:\...\scp.php
the source is copied to target, the result shows the verbosity-messages 
like 'login...authenticated...session...copying...'. Everything is fine.

The tar-test shows that the arguments are ok when handed to the executable 
(even checked via a batch-file echoing the args). The direct call shows 
that pscp works and can be used from inside php.
So where is the difference when apache calls php via cgi?

Ok folks, I'll be glad for any hints or suggestions since being a little 
under pressure to get this working and I really got no clue where else to 
look :-(
Any Ideas anybody??? 
Anyone wants a cookie???

Thanks in advance,

Christian Reiner
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