A client requested a script to create a page to print out the list of clients
that are subscribed to a chosen service. This list will be printed and then
faxed to an outer source because that's how the second company that oursources
the service requests it.

The present script creates a HTML page with an image, text and a few tables. The
problem with the HTML page is that the browser prints the web address of the
script to the lower left corner of the sheet (and also things like "Page 1 from
1"). The PDF is meant to eliminate it all.

How complex would it be to code this script to generate the PDF file.

How much time would it take to make a PDF creator based on existing script that
gets the data out of the database? Remember, the PDF would have to contain
tables and a logo as well (image). The text has to be positioned and aligned as
requested by the client.

So my questions:
1. How hard would it be to create such a script?
2. How much time would it take? (any common pitfalls that could make coding time
3. What are the best classes/wrappers out there to handle the job?
4. Or would it be better to get a HTML to PDF converter (do such things exist
and do they do a good job?)

Thanks in advance!


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