I originally posted this message to the php-db list, but I think that
although this seems originally an oracle related problem ... there must
be a "PHP solution" to it. 

What I'm looking for is a way to "detect" and "destroy" or "interrupt" a
blocking function. Below, in the example in the original post, the
OCIServerVersion function just hangs the entire application when the
network connection is removed, and I find no way to overcome this.

If you have any experiences regarding this kind of problems, please let
me know, as this is starting te become a major blocker ;-)

Thanks a lot in advance ...

Christophe VG



While writing an app that regularly checks an oracle database for new
entries I run into problems when the database server suddenly goes
offline (the network connection can't be trusted).

The call right after such a connection loss just hangs the application.

Here is a little example to illustrate ...



$cnn = OCILogon( 'scott', 'tiger' );

function valid_cnn( &$cnn ) {
  return ( trim( OCIServerVersion($cnn) ) != '' );

while( true ) {
  print valid_cnn( $cnn ) ? "OK\n" : "DOWN\n";


Running it results in a nice collection of "OK"'s and a hangup when I
disconnect the network. Plugging the network back in resumes the series
of "OK"'s after a while ... But the desired behaviour ( "DOWN" ) won't

Did anyone of you encountered a similar situation ? How did you solve
this ? ... Any ideas are good, since I'm a bit stuck and any lead might
help to a probably very simple solution (that I just can see rigth now)

Thanks in advance,

Christophe VG

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