> At 05:17 PM 11/27/01 -0500, MM wrote
> >I am a newbie running 4.06 on PWS in Win 98. Any sample script about
> >sessions I can find just hangs in Personal Web Server. Session id gets
> >created in data file but nothing happens on the page.
> >
> >Has anyone come across this? Have searched on Google and can't find any
> >reference.
> >
> >Thanks in advance for the help.

"Urb Lejeune" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Don't run PWS. Go to nusphere.com and get the complete package
> of Apache, PHP, Perl, and MySQL works like a champ.

Don't have $400 to blow on a configuration wizard for otherwise free
software.  It's a nice idea, though.

Did, however, take the spirit of your advice and installed Apache as my
local server, a very good idea. Unfortunately, my session script is still
screwing up, but this time it's telling me why (or trying to.)  Says it
can't open the session data file.  That's a start, I guess.



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