So, I was thinking about _pconnect and friends last night in a multi-host ISP-type 

Assume there are 100 Apache children, and that each of 20 clients with db access has a 
different MySQL username/password for login.

Does that mean that under worst-case analysis, there should be 20 X 100 == 2000 MySQL 
connections available, so each Apache child could end up holding on to a connection 
for each username/password?

Otherwise, it seems to me that you'd have a fair amount of thrashing as connections 
were destroyed to be re-created.

Of course, that's just worst-case.  In reality, there are usually two or three sites 
with heavy traffic that would each need 100 connections available, and a bunch of 
others that need maybe 5 or 6 concurrent connections.

Am I (A) understanding connection pooling correctly and (B) doing the math right?

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