What type of Excel file are you using?  I'm assuming that you are using tab
or comma delimited files.  These text or CSV files do not support multiple
sheets, and in fact do not support cell formatting or any of a number of
excel functions.  Only native Excel files (*.xls) support mutliple sheets.
Unfortunately these files are binary and are not easily created.  As a
result it may be impossible to accomplish what you ask.


Brian Lee <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I have a script that searches a MySQL DB and produces an Excel file from
> each table in the search.
> EX. You search 4 different tables for the "Seattle" you would come up with
> different Excel files.
> Now I was wondering if it was possible to take the 4 different Excel files
> just created and combine into one excel file with 4 different sheets?
> If anyone has a code for this or could possible help me it would be great.
> I am using:
> PHP: 4.04
> Linux:  7.0
> MySQL: 3.22.32
> Thanks
> -Brian
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