Can anyone explain why I am getting the following error?

Fatal error: Call to unsupported or undefined function in_array() in
includes/ on line 3131

if( (is_array($List)) AND (is_array($RemoveList)) )
  $ListItems = count($List);
  for($ListItem=0; $ListItem < $ListItems; $ListItem++)
   //printf("<br>List value: $List[$ListItem]<br>\n");
   if(!(in_array($List[$ListItem],$RemoveList)) AND (trim($List[$ListItem])
<> "") )     // Line 3131
    $diff[] = $List[$ListItem];
  echo "In function ListDiff List and RemoveList are NOT arrays<BR>";
 return ($diff);


Steve Osborne
Database Programmer
Chinook Multimedia Inc.

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