use a standard form...
<form method=post action=...>
<input type=text name=username>
<input type=password name=password>

and in your php code, use, $username and $password

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>On Fri, 30 Nov 2001 07:29, Hippie wrote:
>> I'm attempting authorise users from a MySQL database. The idea being,
>> that upon access to the page they input their username and password
>> and this is checked against a table from an SQL database. This page
>> needs to be completely server independant which means that I can't
>> make use of the $PHP_AUTH_USER as this relies on IIS or Apache to know
>> how to authorise to my knowledge.
>> If anyone has any ideas on how to accomplish this I would be more than
>> interested to hear of them. Also, failing this being possible if I can
>> resort to checking it against Radius instead of SQL so any ideas on
>> that would be great as well.
>> Hippie.
>The concept is simple - query the database for a record where username = 
>supplied value and password = supplied value: if you get a record 
>returned, you have a match and they can enter; if not, they aren't 
>allowed in. You may need to pass the authorisation aacross scripts - you 
>could use a cookie, hidden field, sessions....
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The problem is though, getting their input into a variable with which
to query the SQL database. The querying itself I have no problems with
but I cannot figure out how to pass their input into a variable.

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