Your suggestion is as far as I got on my own... ;-=)

What I want is to keep the object in memory, and not have to read data
from disk the next time I need the object.

I cant use cookies, since the object should be avaliable to more than
one user. (Global, as I said in my first post.) The object can be pretty
large, too.

Since I come from the Java/JSP-world, what I am trying to find is
something that corresponds to :

"pageContext.setAttribute(key, object, PageContext.APPLICATION_SCOPE);"

This will store "object" under the name "key", being avaliable from
anywhere in the JSP-environment.

Poor man's cache, that is.


Jani Mikkonen wrote:
> > I would like to know if there is a way to store objects globally from a
> > php-page, so that the object can be used from another page.
> Keyword is Serialization. If you save object to flatfile or to db, i dont
> see any point why the result wouldnt be accessible from other places
> (providing that those other places do have access to same datesource)
> More info can be found @

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