hi all!

i have the following problem:

1.im loading 5 colums from a mysql-table into an array: 

$threads = db_query("SELECT title, date, body, poster, board_posts_ID FROM board_posts 
WHERE msgkind = 'thr' 
           ORDER BY date DESC");

everything fine so far...

2.im trying to list them line by line:

while (list ($title, $date, $body, $poster, $msgID) = mysql_fetch_array($threads)){
print (" <tr>\n".
           "  <td><a href=\"view_thread.php&parent=".$msgID. 
           "  \">$title</a></td>\n".
           "  <td>$poster</td>\n".
           "  <td>$date</td>\n".        
           "  </tr>\n");

here is the problem:
there's always one line(row) missing (i.e. if there are 17 rows in the db, 16 are 
being displayed in the browser).i've tried the same code with mysql_fetch_row()...no 
difference in the outcome.

please reply to this msg if you can help,
thx in advance, Chris

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