here's the situation.  I'm making a shopping cart, when an item is added
it's item number is added into an array.  I then want this array's items to
be compared agains the database.  Unfortunately I haven't been able to use a
variable in the query string of MySQL.  something along the lines of....


   include ('connect.php');

   $result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM ar
   LEFT JOIN company on ar.company_id=company.company_id
   LEFT JOIN scale on ar.scale_id=scale.scale_id
   WHERE item_number =" . $item[$index]);


where $item is the array of item numbers and $index is an auto incrementing
number that increments at the end of the loop.  Please help if you know of
anyway to use this variable.  Also, I can post my whole script if needed...I
just didn't want unneeded info posted.  Thanks in advance.


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