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Sent: Monday, December 03, 2001 6:35 PM
Subject: [PHP] ereg help

> I'm not new for php, but have no experience working with ereg functions.
> problem is the following:
> i have string.. for example
>     $s="id {name,title,nick} [http://www.php.net]";;
> i want to break it in several parts:
> $p[0]="id";
> $p[1][0] ="name";
> $p[1][1] ="title";
> $p[1][2] ="nick";
> $p[2]="http://www.php.net";;
> The part in [] is not neccessary, count of {} elements is not less than 1
> I can do it with string fucntions, but it seemes to me it's better to use
> regular functions.
> Could anybody help me to solve this problem and advise resource for
> regular expresions?
> Zliy Pes, http://zliypes.com.ua

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