I have a file called sessionvars.php that I require() as the very first
thing on all my pages, it has

session_register("blah"...) and about 40 or 50 variable names after that.

sometimes I am seeing behavior where a form on one page that references a
session variable doesn't carry over the change to the next page.  in other
words, i filled in a username in a form on page 1, hit submit, got to page 2
and it was remembered.  but now i go back to page 1, change the value in the
form, and when i get to page 2 it has the old value, not the new value!

i have the following options in my apache config:

php_value session.save_path "/home/phpsession/"
php_value session.name "EINFO"
php_value session.cookie_lifetime 2592000
php_flag register_globals on

what do i have to do to get the changes to propagate through??


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