I've done this successfully both with PHP and VB/ASP. I think PHP is 
the easiest, but there are several things that could go wrong.

There is usually a 2MB limit to the file size and the safe mode 
setting also affects the outcome.

On the HTML side, you must include ENCTYPE=multipart/form-data in 
your <form> tag.

Once the file is uploaded (you can verify through phpinfo() command) 
you have to move it someplace. This can be tricky depending on how 
your server is set up. As a security, some servers do not allow 
scripts to save files.

One solution is to have your script open an ftp socket and put the 
file in the right place. This way, the script has the ftp password 
which should be kept secret from the user.

>I have a VB program which can download files from a web-site. The webserver
>is running Apache where we use PHP scripting. That is all working OK.
>Now I want to let certain people upload data from their PC's. I don't want
>to use FTP, because I don't want to hand out password's (also not in the
>code we are distributing). Anonymous FTP is not possible.
>I can upload files to the site from a browser, but I would to make it (very)
>easy for people to upload their data: a number of them are not very familiar
>with computers.
>I have seen ( references to uploading from VB to IIS servers,
>but how about to Apache/PHP? I've tried some examples with the MicroSoft
>Internet Control and "executing" the POST command, but the file would not
>be uploaded (the PHP script did not get it anyway).
>Should it be possible?
>If so, can somebody point in the right direction/example?
>If not, could somebody please explain why not?
>Thanks in advance for your help,
>henk sandkuyl
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