I'm trying to pull three results from a database and then display them in a
page. The HTML is clugey so I would like to place print statements in three
different places, rather then in a while loop and try and rewrite the HTML
for each item.

So far I have;

$gethot_query = "SELECT title FROM events WHERE status = 'hot' ORDER BY
$gethot_result = mysql_query ($gethot_query)
    or die ("Cannot get hot

$gethot_row = mysql_fetch_array ($gethot_result);

    <td colspan="7" valign="top" bgcolor="#FFE49A" class="hotheadlines">
        <? print ("$gethot_row[1]"); ?></p>

I know I'm not calling the print statement correctly but hopefully you get
the idea. I would like to add
<? print ("$gethot_row[1]"); ?> for the first item.
<? print ("$gethot_row[2]"); ?> for the second
<? print ("$gethot_row[1]"); ?> for the third.

Am I approaching this from the wrong way?


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