Hello all,

 I'm writing a PHP application that will run on a cd-rom. I have two

 1) Apache Server
    I wanted to add the apache server on the disk. What are the minimum
    files that I need, for apache to run? i.e.

 2) Configuration File PATH
    In the apache configuration file, the ServerRoot asks for a absolute
    Is there a Window's (system) Variable to shows the current directory?

    I'm hoping for something like

    ServerRoot  "<DirPath>/Apache/"

    So that, apache would run correctly, regardless if the CD-ROM drive is
    D: or F: or any other name.

 Any Ideas?

 If you have any suggestions on a small, portable, browser with PHP
 suport, then please let me know.

 Thanks in advance.

__________John Monfort_________________
     P E P I E  D E S I G N S
"The world is waiting, are you ready?"

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