If everyone could gather around for a minute or two.  We are looking at switching from 
propriatary JSP/JS/Java based system and going to PHP as our ecommerce system.  We 
currently have
Oracle db and hosted on Sun equiptment, which we are in for another 3 years, although 
upgrades are
planned.  We hate the current system, it was picked for us in a closed room 
environment.  We have
been looking to get off ever since we launched, actually even before we launched.  I 
have been
developing in PHP before I got this job and advised against the vendor that we had, 
now I want to
develop my own system.  This is the backend systems we have.  One system that I'm not 
to sure of
is MQ Series, can PHP tie into that, or would we have to work around that, MQ messages 
back and
forth with our legacy system to give a real-time connection to our actual customer and 
and order processing pieces, although some C++ code sits between that and the JS 
layer.  Another
concern is how well does Sun and PHP get along, we have these nice boxes that is 
handleing the memory hog that we have now, and I know that we couldnt just dump the 
Anyone have an idea on a site that processes between 150-250 orders and averages $65k 
a day, if
PHP and MySQL can handle that, or would I have to go to something like MSSQL (I know I 
know MS and
PHP .. hahahahahaha).  All and any suggestions are welcome.

dan mccullough
web technology 
603.823.5545 x 1119
There is no such thing as a problem, unless the servers are on fire.
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