But, you can use PHP to dynamically create your .js file that your 
HTML file calls. Load each of your options and sub options into js 
arrays and write a js function that swaps out the pull down options 
on the onChange event of the previous pull down. Depending on the 
number of options you have, this may be an okay solution. At least 
with this method, your javascript will have up to date data.

<script src="js.php" type="text/javascript" language="Javascript"></script>

>You can certainly do what you want in straight PHP if you include a form
>submission after selecting the manufacturer. There is probably a way of
>doing it in JavaScript without a form submission, but not one that will
>read data from a MySQL database on a remote machine. JavaScript can't do
>On Tue, 4 Dec 2001, Michael Egan wrote:
>>  Hope this isn't an inappropriate message to send to this list. I suspect
>>  the response will largely concern JavaScript.
>>  Is there a way of altering the contents of one drop down menu according
>>  to the item selected in another?
>>  I'm creating a page allowing users to identify the make and model of
>>  computers received by our charity for refurbishment. Ideally I'd like to
>>  allow them to select a manufacturer from a drop down menu and for a
>>  separate drop down menu to then be populated by the models produced by
>>  that manufacturer.
>>  I have two separate tables in a MySQL database, one for manufacturers
>>  and one for models with the latter containing a field for the
>>  manufacturer ID.
>>  Is this possible?
>>  Michael Egan
>Michael Hall
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