If you have this select statement:
$Query = "SELECT First, Second, Third FROM Table1";
and you execute the statement like this:
$Result = mysql_query($Query);
and retrieve a row like this:
$Row = mysql_fetch_assoc($Result);
then extract the row like this:
extract ($Row);
you end up with these variables:
$First, $Second, $Third
containing the value of the respective fields.


Baloo :0) <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Someone came with a very clever solution to simplify the extraction of
> all
> fields when doing a    select * from table
> it's a command that passes all values from the fields on the table to
> variables
> of the same name than the field on that table.  No need to program it
> manually,
> creates all variables with same names as the table fields.
> Could someone tell me how to do this?
> Alfredo

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