Andy wrote:

> HI there,
> I am trying to get gdlibrary to work.
> The .dll on windows are in the extension directory and the comment tags in
> the php.ini are deletet.
> I always get the error message, that the file
> c:/PHP_404/extensions/php_gd.dll
> cant be found. But it is there!
> Here is the line out of the php.ini.
> ; Directory in which the loadable extensions (modules) reside.
> extension_dir = c:/PHP_404/extensions
> Is there a precompiled version of php with gdsupport included? What would
> be my best bet to get in running?

Make a page with this in it:

<?php phpinfo();?>

Now, look at that page, and find where it tells you where it thinks 
"php.ini" should be.

Move your php.ini file there.

Then, look in php.ini and find out where you set "extensions-dir" (or 
whatever it says is the Windows equivalent.)

If all else fails -- In theory, you can put the DLLs right next to php.exe 
in the CGI version, and Windoze should be able to find it, no matter how 
badly they've screwed up their System directory infrastructure, or lack 

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