Mweb wrote:

> Hello,
> still fighting to drive MS access from PHP, I have come into an error when
> I feed odbc_exec with this statement (db connection is fine now):
> INSERT INTO Redazione (ID, Name, Nickname, Username, password, From, Note,
> amministratore, playlist, email,
> role, web) VALUES (NULL , "me", "webmin", "webber", "12321", "0", "",
> "on", "on", "e2e2e", "222e", "");
> Warning: SQL error: [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Syntax error
> in INSERT INTO statement., SQL state
> 37000 in SQLExecDirect in C:\domini\\cng_red.php on line 71
> Error(no cursor odbc_exec)
> The weird thing is that I this syntax error ONLY if I write "Note in the
> columns list. If I omit it, or even change to not existing column name
> (like "note_fake" for example, no errors are reported. If I omit it I get
> just complaints that there are not enough fields, but no errors. Also, it
> couldn't
> care less what I put as  the Note field value ("" in the case above).

NOTE may be a reserved word in ODBC Micorsoft Access Driver, and/or Access 
itself, and/or whatever other layers of protocol are coming through.

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