Shaun Murphy wrote:

> me again. I am going to set up a vbulletin site and I understand it uses
> php along with mysql. I can get php and postgres hosting so I was
> wondering what the differences are in postgres as opposed to mysql.
> are they different enough to cause any problems?

No, yes, maybe.

You'll need to replace mysql_connect with pg_connect, and get rid of the 
mysql_use_db() since pg_connect specifies the db.

Then, global search and replace mysql_query with pg_exec, only you also 
need to tweak the arguments.

Now the fun part.

If they used SQL features MySQL has that PostgreSQL doesn't, you get to 
change the SQL and maybe even the business logic.

Finally, there's performance tuning, if your site's traffic warrants it.  
The fastest way to do something in MySQL and in PostgreSQL does not always 
match up.

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