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> Eddie,
> There are some good books to get you started running - literally - with PHP
> and a database (usually MySQL).
> I would recommend PHP Fast and Easy (blue cover with red writing). Each
> chapter focuses on a given task... building tables, then adding to table,
> then selecting from a table and - ofcourse - displaying the results. If you
> sepnd a week just getting used to PHP (if statements, &c) or you are already
> familiar with these constructs, you will very quickly get involved with
> MySQL.

Since I am a programmer by trade (Delphi) I purchased 
"Professional PHP Programming (Programmer to Programmer)"

It is a very good book for folks that already have programming
experience in any language.

I am quite familiar with the syntax as I have been modifying an XMBForum
for use on my site.

The help I needed on wasn't really as extensive as I first laid out.
I have a big part of the work done, just need to tie things together 
and get access working.

I have someone that has volunteered to help and I am quite pleased with

Thanks for the suggestions, however.


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