Since you have GD and libjpeg installed now, you can perform 
transformations from the shell and hence, from php through the exec() 
command. Such as ...

exec("djpeg -scale 1/8 test.jpg | cjpeg -outfile test_thumb.jpg");

Here's a link to the man page for djpeg and cjpeg...

You may find better results adjusting these settings.

Be aware that exec() , if used improperly, can be a security hole if 
you use a user supplied variable for your exec argument.

>after getting gd to work (thanx folks!) I am having some probs with the
>The simple resize of a jpeg cant be that hard?!
>I have a 600x400 px jpeg and want to make a 80 x 60 out of it.
>Do I have to use imagecopyresized? And how. The result looks bad right now.
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