On Wed,  5 Dec 2001 09:01, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> I have added a new column in an existing MYSQL table called
> "event_date"  - type: DATE, NULL default.
> This database field will be filled if and when the field in the HTML
> form is complete.   When I added the new field to MySQL, it
> automatically assigned NULL to all the existing records - which is what
> I wanted it to do.
> I tested the HTML form, and when someone enters a date in the HTML
> form, the date appears correctly in the table field.  Perfect.
> Now my question: When the HTML form date field is left blank  and the
> form is submitted, instead of putting "NULL" in the MySQL event_date
> field, I found: 0000-00-00.  Is this because the form is submitting an
> " " to the database field?
> Is there some kind of if/then statement I should use so that when the
> field is empty,  "NULL" will be entered into that table field?
> Thank  you, Shawna

If memory serves me correctly, you need to test for an empty variable; if 
empty, assign it the value NULL (no quotes around it!)

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