Okay, you brought it up !  ;-)


If you use Unix, then this is your supersuite.  This is your Microsoft 
Office for plaintext editors.

Easier to learn than vi
Many man many many many features
Integrates tightly with Unix operating system

A little on the bloatware side
vi is more widely available (at least it was back in the early 80s when 
a few MB of disk space was a big deal)
vi is much more slim

Knowing vi is useful, but I find I'm much more productive in emacs.  And 
when I want to use an Aqua-compatible editor, I use BBEdit lite because 
I'm poor and it's pretty good (a tiny bit buggy on OS X).  There's 
actually an emacs for OS X that I haven't gotten around to trying yet, 
maybe I'll give the compile a shot tonight.


On Tuesday, December 4, 2001, at 07:50  PM, Andrew Forgue wrote:
> I myself use VIM. Http://www.vim.org ( Yes, There IS a windows version)
> Pros:
>  Very, Very Stable.
>  Excellent Syntax higlighting
>  Many, Many Features
> Cons:
>  If you have never touched a 'vi' based UNIX editor, you probably
>   cant use this.  Dont let this deter you.. But it has a VERY steep
> learning curve
> -Andrew

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