I guess I didn't state my question very well in my previous post "question
on incrementing."  This is the situation.  I'm building a shopping cart...
Right now I'm passing a variable "$itemnumber" from the catalog page to the
cart page.  $itemnumber is an array and every time a product is added to the
cart, the itemnumber is tacked on to this array.  I'm then making a loop for
the array, referencing each unique value in $itemnumber to an item number in
a MySQL database.  Then I call the information from the table in MySQL where
$itemnumber == $query[itemnumber].  I hope you understand all of that....

anyway, this is what I'm looking to do.  I need a way to increment a
variable $quantity.  If that means reloading that's ok...but I just can't
seem to come up with a way to add to a quantity without effecting my
quantity values for all of the other item numbers in the array.

any help would be majorly appreciate.


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