mweb wrote:

> OOPS...
> of couse the query below doesn't work, it doesn't have the table name....
> (see below however)
>>ISQL_exec_String = "Insert Into (Artista, Opera, Label, Anno, Nazione,
>>CDNow, Autore, AutoreNome, Genere, GenereCustom, SulWeb, Autorizzato,
>>Unico, VALUES ('prova2', 'inedita', 'ignota',
>>'2001','IT', 'nonesiste', 'io', 'lui','3', 'ulteriori dettagli sul genere
>>musicale', '', '1', '20011205111456', 'asdas erfver', 'ciao
>>ni', '2.5', 'Non andare a capo!');"

Maybe it's just typo (like missing table name),
but U have in statement " ... Unico, VALUES ( ... ".

It should be " ... Unico) VALUES ( ... ".

Pavel a.k.a. Papi

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