What a scary day, and it just gets worse....

1. A user finds their account balance is displayed incorrectly on one of my live 
e-commerce sites.

2. I discover that "floor()" intermittently gives the wrong answer i.e. 

print floor(10*(8.20 - 0.20)); 
Answer : 79

print floor(10*(8.10 - 0.10));
Answer : 80

(php 4.0.6 and 4.0.4.pl1 under Linux 2.2.19.)

3. I find this is a known "feature" with no intention of ever being fixed. See

print floor( (0.7 + 0.1) * 10);
Answer : 7

4. I check the php documentation that was added because of that bug
(http://www.php.net/manual/en/language.types.float.php) and discover :-

  "never trust floating number results to the last digit and never compare floating 
point numbers
for equality."

5. I realise that the "last digit" might also be the first so that means never trust 
anything except

6. The truth really sinks in... It seems I simply cannot use php for e-commerce 
applications unless
I convert all money to integers e.g. $4.32 must be handled as 432 cents, or all 
operations and comparisons have to be converted to use bc functions.  Instead of :

     if ($cost == 10.00)
you must write 
     if (bcomp($cost,10.00,2)) == 0) 

7. The horror unfolds...  php is just as full of geeko-trash as C/Perl/Java and the 
rest of them! I
will have to spend the rest of my life worrying about types/casts/floating point 
precision and all
that garbage even when I'm just adding up dollars and cents! I can't even escape to 
Italy and work
in Lira, they're switching to  euros with decimal places too! I should have stayed 
with Java, it may
be rubbish but at least it's obviously rubbish!

Please someone, tell me I'm wrong!

Tell me that 0.1 + 0.7  can be 0.8 and not almost 0.8!  
Tell me I don't have to check the last three years of work! 
Tell me php isn't just for kids waiting to graduate/degradate to Java!
Tell me the techno-geeks haven't won!



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