The proper content type is text/xml.


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Hmmm.  I'm thinking of the http headers.

Assume you have an xml file in memory as a variable ($xmlfiledata) and 
you want to send it to the browser.

If you just echo it, you are sending it as text (which isn't necessarily

bad, it just isn't as good as it should be, I think).

So far, I've been tossing this around:

header("Content-Type: application/xml; charset=iso-8859-1");
header ("Content-length: $clength");
echo "$xmlfiledata";

I thought about sending "Content-Type: text/xml" too.

Any thoughts.

kind regards,

bill hollett

Tyler Longren wrote:

>Hi Bill,
>I don't believe there are any.
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>Subject: [PHP] xml header
>>What is the proper header to send when presenting dynamic xml pages to

>>the browser?
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