recursion is something that can be fun and practical at times, other times
its a bad coder trying to do something they think is clever. use it wisly.

        function power($num, $power = 1)
                if ($num != 2)
                        $power = power(($num/2), $power+1);
                return $power;
        echo power(16);

this example is purposely coded bad to show you how recursion can mess up
with bad error checking. this example will work. change to power(30) and
you'll get a segfault because $num will allways equal anything but 2. this
gives you a starting point on recursion.


  Chris Lee

"Alawi" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
I want to know how can i do that Recursive loop to get categories as example
can any body help me by give my tutorial or any thing to understand this

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