I've done something similar like this:

         < a href="javascript:window.back()" >Click here to go back< /a >

In the situations in which I've used it, the form data from the previous 
page is still in the form fields.

Potential downsides of this approach: the data has not yet been 
processed.  Or, if it has been, you run the risk of processing it 
twice.  Also, it may be unreliable depending on how the user's cache is set 
up (though I've never had any problems reported to me).

So, it may or may not suit your needs.

At 09:44 AM 12/6/2001, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>I think I'm making this harder or more confusing than it really needs to be.
>I have a form that is spread out over four pages.  I want to be able to give
>the user the opportunity to return to page 1 from page 3, for example, by
>providing a regular link on page 3 to return to page1.  When they click on
>this link, I want the info. originally entered in page 1 to still be there.
>Do I need to use sessions to do this or is there another way?
>Thank you, Shawna
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