OK, this time the \n worked.  The only thing I changed was using / delimiters instead 
of | delimiters in the search string.  No idea if/why that would affect anything in 
the replacement string.

Anyway, I finally came up with exactly what I wanted:
preg_replace(array("/\s*\n+\s*/", "/[ ]+/"), array("\n", " "), $input);

All padding (defined as any series of spaces, newlines and sometimes tabs) is removed 
from $input, but always leaving at least a space or a newline in its place.  If there 
were any newlines in the "padding", then a newline is left.  If there weren't, then a 
space is left.

Thanks for the help!


At 04:40 PM 12/6/01 -0500, Jack Dempsey wrote:
>one call to preg_replace...if you check out php.net/preg_replace, you'll see
>what i mean...use arrays...
>and as long as you have them ordered in the right way, it'll execute them in
>that order, so by the time the \s replace comes up all your 'bbbnbb' will be
>fixed...problem then is that those newlines would get caught by the \s and
>get switched to spaces...so, if you want them to stay, then use [ ] to
>represent a space instead of \s...might want [ \t] to catch tabs as well...

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