Several feature enhancements were made to this version, most notably the
{foreach ...} command which is an alternative to {section ...} with an
easier syntax for looping through a single array of values. Several
functions were enhanced so that the output can be automatically assigned
to a template variable instead of displayed (assign attribute). Cache
files can now be controlled with a custom function as an alternative to
the built-in file based method. Many code cleanups and bug fixed went
into this release as well.


ChangeLog since 1.4.6:

- added include_php built-in function, documented. (Monte)
- added trusted_dir functionality, documented. (Monte)
- consolidated secure_dir tests to one function. (Monte)
- prepended _smarty_ to variable names in fetch() class function to
  namespace conflicts. (Monte)
- introduced $compile_id class variable that can be used to set
  compile identifier across multiple display calls, documented. (Andrei)
- fixed bug with concatenated null cache and compile identifiers.
- added $smarty.section.* syntax for accessing section properties,
  documented. (Andrei)
- added custom cache handling function ability, documented. (Monte)
- added assign attribute to include, include_php, insert, fetch, math,
  counter functions, documented. (Monte)
- fixed bug with fetch testing for local file when http address. (Monte)
- fixed bug with counter and skipval setting. (Monte)
- made {config_load ...} merge globals from each config file only once
  scope, thus avoiding several problems. (Andrei)
- added {foreach ...} tag that can be used to iterate through
  non-sequential and associative arrays, documented. (Andrei)
- speeded up section property access a bit. (Andrei)
- removed $smarty variable from storage used by normal template
  to prevent any problems. (Andrei)
- fixed a bug that could cause parse error with quotes inside literal
  blocks. (Andrei, Alexander Belonosov)
- added 'field_array' attribute to html_select_time function,
  (Andrei, Michael Caplan)
- documented {section} "max" attribute. (Monte)
- fixed notice message in Smarty_Compiler.class.php. (Monte)
- fixed bug with clear_cache introduced in 1.4.6, third parameter should
  default to null. (Monte)
- updated Config_File class to support '\' path separator in OS/2.
  Francesco Cipriani)
- removed secure_ext setting (not used). (Monte)
- made cache reading process more efficient. (Monte)
- fixed bug, is_cached() now supports new 1.4.6 caching behavior.
- update FAQ with mailing list Reply-To header FAQ. (Monte)
- supress error messages for fopen(), fix cache to regenerate if cache
  file is not available (i.e. cluster race condition). (Monte)
- added index key example to QUICKSTART guide. (Monte)

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