Hi Everyone,

I`m working on an IT magazine called
InfoEdit, and now I have gotten far enough with the back-end to say
that the programming will be finished very soon. Now it`s time
to get superb content editors for the site. If someone of you feels he/she
knows enough about some IT subject and would like to share what you know, 
please be sure to contact me, either at this email or
[EMAIL PROTECTED] . The subjects that the mag will cover will be
from employment,creating CV`s to administrating linux server and more, so
if you know much about something and feel you would like to work with the
magazine, get in touch. You will have the chance to be with a new online
magazine from the beginning and help it grow, You will also have a word
to say about the overall contents of this magazine, also we can arrange
some advertising for you or your company on the site. So in case of any
interest in this, please get back to me with informal information about
yourself and your skills and what 'column' would you like to write.
Expected are different articles as well as series or articles and also
tutorials, so once again,in case of interest, please contact me asap.

Best wishes,
Siim Einfeldt

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