Yes! But since one must learn by trying, I will give you some general

  Okay, make it work as a function. You need the page url to grab and the
word to search. So it's a function with two arguments:

function do_it ($page_url , $word) {

  Then inside the function you fopen() the $page, and ereg($word,
$page_contents). If ereg() is succesful, you will 'return the function' to
create a link similar to:

echo "<a href=\"$page\">$word</a>";
return 1;

  Or the usual $sql = "INSERT INTO table blah blah blah" using your
preferred db query function.


Julio Nobrega

Don't eat the yellow snow.

"Deron" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Is there an easy way with PHP, or something else, to have a document on
> web where a certain word is mentioned within the page my
> a band name.... and it could automatically take that name/word and create
> as a link that's stored in either a flatfile or a database of some sort?
> Deron

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