NO answer, but two more questions:

1. Do you want the authentication on your site to extend to the other?
2. Why not have the other site do it's own authentication?

I've noticed this. On a client's publishing site I have two forms of 
authenitication. ONe for subscribers, hacked together by myself, which uses 
sessions. This works fine, not ironclad but it keeps the honest people 
hones, which is all I want.

The administrtation portion of the site uses a slightly modified script 
which Rasmus L. published about 3 yr ago. It uses "header( www-authenticate 
... ", and sets PHP_AUTH_USER. Once that's set I can roam all over the 
site, including pages set by the other scheme.

No help here, just an observation.

Miles Thompson

At 11:31 AM 12/7/2001 +0000, Nic Skitt wrote:
>Hi all,
>Aplogies if this question has already been asked,
>Is it possible to authenticate using HTTP when requesting a file from
>another webserver.
>In other words:
>Assuming you needed to authenticate for the following, how would you do it?
>$fcontents = file ('');
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